Raffaele Capuana

Il rosso è un colore che non conosco

Opening: Thursday May 18, 2023 at 6.30 pm
On view: May 19, 2023 – September 27, 2023

I first encountered Raffaele Capuana’s painting while leafing through the pages of the Outsider Art Observatory (n. 20) where the beautiful article by Giorgio Seveso underlines his talent and the ghosts of his mind. Then I met Paolo Pocchini who in the past had already dedicated two exhibitions to this Sicilian artist, Milanese by adoption. I shared the wonder. Observing the works closely, touching the cards, certainly the talent was out of the question, but the impact was surprising: I felt transported by the profound visionary nature of those images, by the magic of the repeated gestures, by the charm of his creativity. The self-portraits, the heads and fish bones testify to an unfathomable torment, a continuous inner introspection from which the fascination of his images springs. The decision was immediate. We are honored to dedicate a personal exhibition to this extraordinary artist. And I thank Pocchini for making this exhibition possible. Capuana continues to revolve around his images with an extraordinary technique and profound vision. And in doing so he reveals his own fantasy world and his own way of perceiving and transforming reality. The artist uses an exceptional freedom of expression to reveal the symbols of a life that is not easy and not happy. Symbols that seem to question the spectator enchanted by the power of those emotions.

“I have the impression that in Capuana’s work and in his expressive singularity there is also this value of registering the deepest impulses of his soul – writes Seveso – that in painting and repainting (in short, in his ‘spots’) he in a certain way, has projected and fixed fixed points of conscience, he has defined very personal orientation tables, emotional coordinates in the tormenting geography of everyday life”.