Davide Cicolani

e rimanemmo a guardare quello che accadeva

Vernissage: Wednesday November 16, 2022. At 6.30 pm
With the presence of the artist
On view November 17, 2022 – February 24, 2023

After participating in the Outsider Art Fair Paris, Maroncelli 12 returns to the gallery with a solo exhibition by Davide Cicolani. “e rimanemmo a guardare quello che accadeva”, curated by Davide Macchiarini, kicks off on November 16; on view about twenty works on paper of different sizes, from the paintings made on the maps of the Paris metro in 2001 to the gioconde from the last period. The leitmotif of his intense pictorial activity is nomadism, each of the works must be able to fold, to take up little space and be easily trasported in a folder. As well as his life.

The media he prefers range from road maps to subway maps to recycled wrapping paper. The important thing is that the sheets can be folded so that they do not take too much space and are easily transportable. Poor materials par excellence, which tell their story on which Davide superimposes his own, through a gestural painting with Indian ink. Treacks, weaves, portraits, his works have great graphic power. Sometimes his characters are innocent, almost childlish, sometimes they are wild, serious, in any case always ambiguous. They have strenght, character. They retain all the kindness of the artist and, at the same time are powerful, resolute, determined. The intense line, the strong color, gives them a great expressive force. Often Cicolani adds lettering, inscriptions in Italian or French, or in his own language, which is known only to the artist.