Martino Fiorattini. Between melons and mosquitoes

Martino Fiorattini Between melons and mosquitoes Previous Next Opening: Wednesday May 11, 2016, from 6:30 pmMay 12 – July 1, 2016 During the opening art historian Bianca Tosatti will introduce to the exhibition “Martino Fiorattini. Between melons and mosquitoes” is made up of more than twenty art pieces with thick and bright colours portraying fields, […]

Paolo Baroggi. A.K.A. Schwarzenegger

Paolo Baroggi A.K.A. Schwarzenegger Previous Next Opening: Wednesday November 18, 2015, from 6:30 pmNovember 19 – December 22, 2015 The “Paolo Baroggi. A.K.A. Schwarzenegger” exhibition presents about ten paintings, including some large ones, representative of the never-before-seen work of this remarkable artist, shown for the first time in Milan. The presented artwork is the result of an […]

Agostino Goldani’s room

Agostino Goldani’s room Previous Next Opening: Friday November 14, from 6:30pmOn display from November 18 to December 19, 2014 The exhibition is a solo show: more or less fifty works representing an author known as one of the Master of Outsider Art in Italy. After he went through many difficulties because of his poverty and […]

Furtive and wild like a deer

Furtive and wild like a deer Masterpieces of Italian Irregular Art Previous Next Opening: Thursday May 7, 2015, from 6.30 pmMay 8 – July 8, 2015Finissage: Wednesday July 8, 2015 On May 7 the Gallery will open a collective exhibition showing a selection of paintings by seven Italian Masters (Umberto Bergamaschi, Curzio Di Giovanni, Pietro […]

Marie-Claire Guyot. The secret opera

Marie-Claire Guyot. The secret opera Previous Next Opening: Wednesday, May 7, 2014, from 6:30pm On display from May 8 to July 4, 2014 It is a solo show with the more representative operas of the artist, realized between first ’70s and the end of ’80s: about thirty works in oil, pastels and sculptures. Marie-Claire Guyot was […]