Paolo Baroggi

A.K.A. Schwarzenegger

Opening: Wednesday November 18, 2015, from 6:30 pm
November 19 – December 22, 2015

The Paolo Baroggi. A.K.A. Schwarzenegger” exhibition presents about ten paintings, including some large ones, representative of the never-before-seen work of this remarkable artist, shown for the first time in Milan. The presented artwork is the result of an intense pictorial activity conducted at the Atelier Adriano e Michele” di San Colombano al Lambro (Milan) for about a decade since 1996. The author developed a very close relationship with Michele Munno, among the founders of the Atelier Adriano e Michele, who persuaded him to direct all the anger and the intensity that had kept him from having a normal social life on to a canvas.

Primarily the gesture: immediate, absolute, with no regrets, heavy with color, joining the canvas with a dripping effect and elegantly contrasting with the poverty of the fabric, obtained from old hospital sheets. Secondly the color: secure, combined with primary and innate sensitivity; then the space that youre never afraid of too full or too empty; and the form that originates from an individual symbolic experience without being forced to copy the reality.

Finally the writing: the name of the author is repeated over and over again on the canvas, often in thin and unruly cursive along with the symbols of his obsession: Germany, Deutschland, Porsche, tank, Schwarzenegger, Oktoberfest, etc.