Shadow of the words.

Sign, language. Silences

Opening: Thursday November 16th, 2017 from 6:30 pm
On view November 17 – January 31, 2018

On November 16 it is going to open in Milan Shadows of the words. Sign, language. Silences”, a project curated by Luciano Tellaroli on the language trend in visual art. It is a large group exhibit with sixty works and more by many artists from different aesthetic orientation, age, provenience. The show takes place in three locations: Maroncelli 12 galleryCarte Scoperte gallery and Casa dellArte Spagna Bellora.

The exhibit path is divided in three large sections: Sign’ – with works by masters of 20th c. Italian art like Agostino Ferrari, Arturo Vermi, Ettore Sordini, Carla Accardi, Alessandro Algardi, Jannis Kounellis; Dan Miller from California – his paintings are also on view at Venice Biennale; the young Alan Borguet.

The Word” section includes works by masters like Alighiero Boetti, Robert Rauschenberg, Jacques Villeglé; some of the protagonists of Visual poetry” movement like Mirella Bentivoglio, Giorgio Milani, Adriano Spatola, Lucia Marcucci, Roberto Comini, Sarenco, Herman Damen, Henri Chopin, Anna Valla, Alberto Cavalieri, Francesco Correggia, Luciano Ori, Paul De Vree, Bruno Di Bello, Eugenio Miccini, Lambero Pignotti, Gianfranco Farioli, Anna Spagna; moreover works by Alberto Prina, Laura Zeni, Katia Dilella, and by the poet Nanni Balestrini (one of the founder of Gruppo 63); Ignazio Moncada and the Outsider Antonio Dalla Valle.

In the third section – “Silences” – the language becomes mute with the cancellations by Emilio Isgrò, the enigmatic opera by Algardi, works by Dadamaino, Machado, Tommaso Fraschini and Dado Schapira.

All these artists make their art developing the relation between image, text and media. It is about a reflection that it is still alive today especially as regards to the anthropology of image in relation to writing and to word. The language is not a neutral instrument: it speaks about our vision of the world, our style of life. It is a mirror of society. The language has helped Homo sapienss evolution and leadership on the planet, generating also the ecological imbalance that probably will speed up its extinction. Our ancestors communicate by engravings on inside caverns; the relation between word and image has been one of the fundamental element of art, especially in the 20th c. To this day with the cancellation of the word and the representation of silence. A cosmic silence.