Paolo Baroggi

Paolo Baroggi was born in Como in 1967. He has been attending the painting atelier Adriano e Michele in San Colombano al Lambro (Milan)  since 1996 for almost 10 years.  His painting activity shows in time different subjects. Thin animal figures drawned with black ink has been transformed  progressively in huge shapes, thanks to his mastery of a powerful and powerful brush stroke. Then he started to paint a gallery of illustrious men outlined by their hat only, symbol of their power. After it followed a series with flags of countries in war, where the chromatic tension outlines the topography of dark law enforcements. Finally  cars and tanks appeared on canvas and … all around capital letters like graffiti on a wall. A.K.A.: Paül Schwarzenegger.

This artist is too huge for the world of Irregular Art, his work bursts through the walls of Outsider Art and fiercely enters the modern era, contemporary art and reckless collecting. Some of his works are in the permanent collection of Casa dell’Art Brut, Casteggio (Pavia).

Selected exhibitions

2017 – Affordable Art Fair, represented by Maroncelli 12 Gallery, Milan

2016 – Outsider Art Fair Paris, represented by Maroncelli 12 Gallery

2015 – “Paolo Baroggi. A. K. A. Schwarzenegger”, solo exhibition, Maroncelli 12 Gallery, Milan

2009 – “Perturbamenti del potere. Arte irregolare dall’antico al contemporaneo”, curated by Bianca Tosatti, Castello del Pio, Carpi (Modena)