Gaetano Gentile

Gaetano Gentile (Florence, 1965) lives and works in Milan. Decisive for the his career was the meeting, in 1987 in Milan, with AG Fronzoni, internationally renowned designer. In his studio, set to model of a Renaissance workshop, Gentile learns a method to deal with two and three dimensional design. Initially he is mainly concerned of graphics and set-ups but since 1992 he is  involved so much with photography that for 15 years he devoted himself exclusively to shots and poses. With the advent of digital Gentile moves further and further away from photography and from 2015 he discovers painting, a sort of synthesis of his previous experiences.

“As an artist, I have been always challenged and inspired by the ability and the courage to step aside to break up go and to let myself driven by mysterious energies”.
To inspire Gentile’s vision and works is the painting of Mark Rothko, so much that his paintings seem to have been owned by the Latvian naturalized American artist. And Gentile’s stylistic code has become the ability to indulge in the emotions of vivid or soft colors so much to evoke the forms of abstract expressionism.