Agostino Goldani

Agostino Goldani was born at Verolanuova (Brescia) on November 6th, 1915.
The youngest of five brothers, he was born seven months after his sister Rosas death. Desperate because of her nine years old daughters loss, his mother nicknamed him Roso”. Agostino went to school just until elementary school. The family was so poor that at eighteen years old he went as volunteer for the war in Libya (Africa) with two of his brothers. Since 1937 he had been working at the steelworks of Tempini di Brescia, and there, in 1944, he had been involved in an aerial bombardment that put him in such a deep emotional crisis that he was unable to keep on working because he could not stay in a close place. In 1940 he met Dionisia Bandera and they got married after three years. Unfortunately they had four children that died when they were born. For three years he had been trying to commerce wine but the progressive somatic diseases obliged him to abandon all work activities and to leave the few social relationships he had. His wife was compelled to work for the family survival. In 1970 the couple moved to Remedello (Brescia). Goldani died on October 30th, 1977 in a psychiatric hospital in Brescia (the only one hospitalization). Just few months after his death a medicine student, Sergio Perini, met this self-educated artists incredible work by chance. Perini dedicated his university degree to the author contributing to the evaluation (posthumous) of the artist.

Selected exhibtion

2021 – “Do you see what I see?”, Maroncelli 12 Gallery, Milan

2016 – “Irregolari”, Palazzo assessorile, Cles (Trento)

2015 – Outsider Art Fair, represented by Maroncelli 12 Gallery, Paris

2014 – “Agostino Goldani’s room”, solo exhibition, Maroncelli 12 Gallery, Milan

2009 – Solo exhibition, Palazzo Laffranchi, Carpenedolo (Brescia)

2008 – Stupefatti di spazio”, curated by Bianca Tosatti, Ex Cappellificio Lugli e Rossi, Carpi (Modena)

2007 – Io è un altro”, curated by Bianca Tosatti, Palazzo Ducale, Lucca

2007 – Beautes Insensées”, curated by Bianca Tosatti, Salle dExpo du Quai Antoine , Monaco

2006 – Oltre la Ragione”, curated by Bianca Tosatti, Palazzo della Ragione, Bergamo

2003 – Outsider Art in Italia”, curated by Bianca Tosatti, Finarte Semenzato, Milano

1999 – Solo exhibition, curated by Françoise Henrion, Art en Marge, Bruxelles

1997 – Arte necessaria”, curated by Alessandra Ottieri, Cantieri alla Zisa Gallery, Palermo

1981 – Solo exhibition, La Torre Gallery, Mantua

1979 – Solo exhibition, Galleria dellIncisione, Brescia